~ A Bride's Memoir ~

Luxury stationery label Leeffect has created the first-ever couture wedding compendium.

A Bride’s Memoir boasts luxurious leather, bespoke hardware finishes and 228 pages adorned with one-of-a-kind illustrations and embellishments. Inside, comprehensive information and inspiration helps to guide the wedding-planning process. Meanwhile, beautifully designed pages allow the bride-to-be to curate a very personal memoir of this magical time by recording the finest details of her big day, from the blooms used in the bridal bouquet to the vows exchanged. A precious compendium of a bride’s journey to the altar, this is a memento to have and to hold for as long as you both shall live – and to pass down through the years to come as an exquisite family heirloom.



yes, I'll marry you

Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life. The lead up to the day is a time for you to explore your feelings from the past, and to look towards your dreams and desires for the future. It’s the time you’ll start to morph into a new version of you. 


the wedding guest list

This is your day and you’ll want to surround yourself with those who are special to you. It’s always nice to run through the guest list with your parents to see if you’ve missed someone. 


wedding venues

Where you say ‘I do’ says something about who you are as a couple. Choose a place that’ll capture your joint style and personality, a place that’s uniquely you. Your reception venue is the place where you’ll celebrate becoming Mr. and Mrs. It’s a venue that says to your guests ‘this is us’, and it should create a scene that’ll be remembered for years to come... 


the vows

Your vows allow you to openly and honestly express your love and commitment to each other. They also open the door for you to explore everything you believe in as a couple.



Working out your wedding budget early on is important. It’ll make planning your special day much easier...

How do you work it out? 

Our Compendium will take you through a simple method and help you smartly allocate funds.